Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Settling!!

2011 started off with a bang! I started the new year off a little different than I normally do, I'm usually with my family in Northern VA. But this year I was in Virginia Beach, with my BRC family!! We brought in the New Year playing MJ Experience and Just Dance 2 on the Wii. It was awesome. I had so much fun. In a way I felt bad that I wasn't with my biological family but on the other hand I was happy that I had found new friends. I was in town for 2 weeks and there were people that I have known for years that I didn't see while I was there. At first I was upset that I had been there all that time and hadn't see people, but as the weeks went on, I heard 3 different people tell me that some people from 2010 will not carry over into 2011. That is so true, I guess I felt that certain people would always be around, no matter what.

For the past year I have been saying that I want to move to Virginia Beach, VA to be with my sister and to just get a fresh start. The entire time I have saying this I have been receiving more negative feedback than positive feedback. Very few people were actually embracing my idea of moving. People have told me I am being selfish for leaving my grandparents, other have said I have no business leaving the state and I need to get my priorities in order. I would pray about this move every chance I got, I just kept asking God, to do what He sees fit. If He feels this move should take place then so be it, if not then I know it wasn't in his will for me to move.

Well the Lord decided the move was just for me. He made a way for me to obtain a job, a place to live and transportation back and forth to work. The job even pays more than what I was making before!!! No one but God, I tell you. I am extremely grateful for the blessings he has provided for me. The Lord places people in your life for a reason, at first I let all the negativity get to me, stopped preparations for my move and just got content with the way my life was going. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I became miserable and started to hate everything around me. Let's just say I fell face first in prayer asking Jesus for help with this situation. I was tired of just letting everything pass by me.

Never settle for less than you deserve. If God, tells you He is going to make it happen, then He will. You just have to keep the faith, keep pressing, praise your way through. Your blessing is on it's way!!